4 Tips: Getting Started with AirTV

As a new user of AirTV or someone shopping for options, you may have questions on how to get started—everything from where to find out which channels you can watch to how to pick the best OTA (over-the-air) antenna. We want you to have the best possible viewing experience, so we’ve developed the checklist below with our top four tips for cord-cutting newbies.

1. Discovering your local channels: First and foremost, it’s important to find out which channels may be received in your area. We recommend checking the broadcast reception for your address using online resources such as AirTV – Locals or FCC – DTV Reception Maps for a detailed listing. You’ll be delighted to see how many channels you can watch for free!

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2. Internet service: To seamlessly stream online content, it’s crucial to choose an internet provider that can offer a download speed somewhere between 5-25 Mbps (megabits per second). We also recommend that your service doesn’t come with data caps so there are no surprises later.

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3. OTA Antenna: Antennas are half of the equation for cord cutters! Our products work with all types of indoor and outdoor equipment. For most AirTV customers, we recommend:

  • Indoor: RCA SLIVR Amplified Flat Antenna
    Outdoor: Televes DigiNova BOSS Antenna
    More information on these antennas can be found here.
  • Alternatively, Antennaweb may have antenna recommendations based on your specific location, and the signal you would likely receive in your area.


4. Choosing AirTV equipment that’s right for you: To get the best viewing experience for your home, picking the right device is essential. Here are some questions that will help you decide.

  • Would you like to watch your local channels, and streaming services using only one TV? Do you not have other streaming players?

    The AirTV Player works as a great one TV solution. It offers the best of Sling, access to antenna channels complete with DVR functionality as well as Netflix and Google integration.
  • Do you have multiple TVs, use several streaming devices, or like to travel?

    The AirTV (black box) may be the perfect fit—it remotely integrates your local channels with the Sling app and guide information on compatible platforms. Both live and recorded DVR content is made available at home or on the road. If interested, check out this list of Compatible Devices that work with AirTV.

In future blog posts, we’ll go deeper on How to Get Started with specific devices like AirTV Classic and AirTV Player. We know the questions don’t stop here and you’ll likely have more along your journey as a cord cutter. Keep an eye out for more tips like how to enhance your viewing experience of popular TV events like the Oscars and other things like money saving tips from fellow cord cutters.

Let us know if you have questions.

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  1. Requiring sling to record DVR functions is like kissing your sister, it’s just wrong! Please fix the DVR function.

    This ruins your product viability, and yes, I own 2 airtv boxes


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