All About the AirTV Player

We know that when you cut the cord it’s important to keep the TV experience you love. The AirTV Player was created with that exact thought in mind! In our last blog post, we covered The Ins and Outs of AirTV (classic black box) and today we’re sharing everything you need to know about getting started with the AirTV Player.

AirTV Player is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a modern TV viewing experience with a familiar feel. With the AirTV Player, you can easily browse and watch all your entertainment with one easy-to-use voice remote and a single guide—mix and match your favorite TV sources like cable networks from Sling TV, shows and movies from Netflix, content and apps from Google Play, and more. You can also catch the local news, sports and other programs simply by adding an AirTV Adapter and antenna.

AirTV Player Voice Remote Sitting on top of the AirTV Player
AirTV Player with Voice Remote

What you’ll need with AirTV Player:

  • Broadband Internet access (25 Mbps optimal)
  • HDMI-enabled TV
  • AirTV Adapter (for local channels)
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna (for local channels)
  • External hard drive to leverage the DVR functionality (up to 2 Terabytes)

The AirTV Player also lets you record local channels and playback content using the DVR capability. Just add an external hard drive to begin recording and choose either the AirTV Single-Tuner Adapter to watch one local channel and record simultaneously OR the AirTV Dual-Tuner Adapter to watch one local channel and record another at the same time. Pause, rewind or fast-forward recorded local channel content, and set single-episode or entire-series recordings right from the Sling TV guide.

AirTV Player Adapter with coax on one end, and a U.S.B. port on the other.
AirTV Adapter for local channels integration into your AirTV Player Experience

Bonus: Did you know you can now use AirTV and AirTV Player together for livestreaming and DVR? This allows you to access your DVR recordings from your connected AirTV through your AirTV Player—another great way the AirTV products all work together!

Still have a question on how to get started with the AirTV Player? Check out this AirTV Player set up video or let us know in the comments below.

What’s next? We’re often asked how to choose the right antenna for your setup, so we’ll focus on that topic in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

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