America Saves Week: 3 Ways AirTV Helps You Save

America Saves Week (Feb. 25-March 2, 2019) is a time-honored event—a national opportunity for over 1,500 organizations to work together within their communities to motivate millions of Americans to save. In celebration of America Saves Week, here are 3 ways that AirTV can help you save:

  • One less monthly bill: By cutting the cord with AirTV, you can save up to $100 per month on the average American cable bill by ditching it.
  • Stretch your savings: Use the money you save without a monthly cable bill to pay down another expense like a credit card or save up for a big purchase.
  • Right-size your budget: Not everyone needs to consume a huge TV lineup—switch to AirTV, get the channels you love, and boost your fixed-income budget or retirement savings account.

AirTV offers two options to cut the cord and save. Try the AirTV Player if you have a one-TV home and no need to stream outside the house or to additional devices. If you’re constantly on the go, we recommend the AirTV Dual Tuner for outside the home streaming or to multiple TVs.

Learn more from our recent blog post on Getting Started with AirTV.

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