The Ins & Outs of AirTV

Hey cord cutters! In our last blog post, we shared 4 Tips on Getting Started with AirTV as a brand, including how to choose the equipment that’s right for you—the AirTV (classic black box) or the AirTV Player. Each has unique features and benefits whether you like to travel, have multiple TVs or only use one.

Today we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the classic version of AirTV and what you need to know to get started with this device. AirTV seamlessly integrates your local channels alongside your favorite Sling TV channels for all-in-one access on Compatible Devices. Both live and recorded DVR content is made available over your home WiFi network to your TVs or mobile devices using an HD antenna.

AirTV is a perfect fit for those who are always on the go or travel a lot, but don’t want to miss something like their hometown team’s games or a local newscast while on the road. AirTV comes with a stand-alone mobile app so you can watch all your local channels—like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC—in HD anywhere with a phone or tablet.

What you’ll need with AirTV:

  • Android or iOS mobile device (phone or tablet) for setup
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna and coaxial cable for local access
  • Broadband Internet access (25 Mbps optimal ) with WiFi for streaming
  • Supported devices:
    • For watching on a TV: AirTV Player, Roku, Fire TV, or Android TV
    • For watching on a tablet or mobile device: iOS or Android
  • Free Sling TV app to access your locals (no subscription needed)
  • External hard drive to enjoy DVR functionality (up to 2 Terabytes)

Since AirTV uses your WiFi to deliver local channels, just one well-placed antenna can power every internet-connected TV and device in and outside your home. A bonus is you won’t need to run unruly cables all over your house ever again!

AirTV also lets you add a whole home DVR solution to your setup for free. Using the Sling TV app (Sling TV subscription not required) and an external hard drive, you’re able to record and playback live content from any compatible device. Again, if you are constantly on the move, this option will ensure you never miss a live TV event—record up to two shows at once or watch one live and record another.

Bonus: Did you know that AirTV lets you pause and rewind LIVE TV? That’s right – if you have the DVR feature turned on and are recording, you can pause the big game or your favorite show, so you don’t miss any of the action when something comes up.

Still have a question on how to get started with AirTV (classic version)? Let us know in the comments below.

Our next blog post will cover everything you need to know about our other device—AirTV Player—and why it might be the best cord cutting option for you!

35 thoughts on “The Ins & Outs of AirTV

  1. I’m confused about a few things. First, assuming no subscriptions, are there advantages to using the SlingTV App versus the AirTV app? Does the SlingTV app allow recording with external storage and the AirTV does not? I set it up with AirTV. If I switch to SlingTV do I have to reconfigure or make a different account? Second, how do I know if the firmware is up-to-date? It looks like it checks during initial setup but I don’t see a way to kick off a check for updates after. Is it automatic? Do I have to reset the device and set it up again to have it check for updates?

    1. Hi Paul,

      The best way for Sling Customers to experience AirTV is with the Sling App which provides a seamless integrated experience. The Sling app does not require a subscription. Simply go to to set it up for free. Using the SlingTV app would mean reconfiguring, and the process is fairly seamless.

      The firmware is automatically updated if you are internet connected.

      Lastly, the Sling App is a requirement for using the DVR feature. Check this blog for future products as there are always new and exciting features and products being announced.

      Thank You,
      The AirTV Blog Team

  2. WHEN OH WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO STREAM MORE THAN 2 DEVICES AT A TIME!?!?!? And record more then 2 shows at a time!?!? This really limits the viewing ability of a household of 4! Please share with how you can make this happen ASAP!?!?!?

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Thank you for the feature request. We absolutely try our best to give AirTV users the best experience, and many of those ideas come from you. Please stay tuned to future product updates and announcements as they are made right here on this blog.

      Thank You,
      The AirTV Blog Team

  3. Would there be a 3.5 db signal loss with the dual tuner compared with the single tuner adapter ?

  4. I have SlingTV and I pay for the Cloud DVR. Do I need to pay for an additional “ External hard drive to enjoy DVR”?

  5. I have to agree with Michelle. I currently using a competitors OTA DVR. It has 4 tuners and quite often we need all 4 turners. Mine is on it’s last legs and I was seriously looking at the AirTv to replace it until I saw it only has up to 2 turners depending on the model. Please seriously look into more tuners. Being a sling customer I know I would be a buyer if it had more tuners.

  6. I am and have been struggling to get all the cut the cord stuff to work together.
    1. I have a non- flat screen Sanyo TV with no HDMI ports. Just the RCA (red/white/yellow)
    2. I am streaming via Verizon Fios.
    3. I have things hooked up as follow: Roku express / AirTV Single Tuner box and remote / AV Audio Selector
    4. Connection Map:

    a. Roku connected to power and AV red-white and yellow into Audio Selector
    b. Air Tv Single Tuner connected to power, ethernet connected to router, Air TV adapter connected to AV Single Tuner and HD antenna, and AV red-white-yellow into Audio Selector.
    c. Audio selected connected appropriately on back of TV

    5. Operational Status:
    • Roku works very well with clear correct size picture and text
    • Sling TV works OK with nice picture that is not well positioned and the text is difficult to read.
    • 10 Local channels are viewable on Sling when accessing Sling through the Air TV Single Tuner Box, but local channels are not showing up when accessing Sling via Roku
    • I have one remote for Roku, another for the Air TV Tuner and a third for the AV Selector. Believe me that alone is maddening!

    6. Goal
    a. To be able to view Sling via Roku and not the Air TV Tuner – with local channels.
    b. Leave Audio selected switched to Roku eliminating one of the remotes.

    It was suggested I activate the AirTV app on Roku to use when I wanted to view local OTA channels and the Sling app when I just want access to Sling. But I cannot successfully activate the AirTV app on Roku; receiving a message no device can be detected. I am “assuming” this is because the Air TV Tuner box is Single Tuner.

    Is there a workable solution?

    1. Hi Tim – Your use case would require the AirTV Black Box which works with other devices like Roku etc… The AirTV Player is designed to be a standalone media player with OTA capability along with your favorite Google Play apps, on the Sling OS.

      While the AirTV Blog Team does try to acknowledge or review most responses. The fastest way to get immediate attention on a TV experience issue is to call the AirTV support Team. They are available 7 days a week and totally dedicated to helping customers make the most of their AirTV experience:

      Reach the AirTV troubleshooting team via phone:


      Phone support is available 7:30 AM – 10 PM MT (7 days a week).

      Thank You,

      The AirTV Blog Team

  7. I am moving into a house where my TV’s will not be close to a window. Do I need to have the white square antenna attached to a window?

    1. I bought a “U MUST HAVE” flat antenna at Amazon that works great just stuck to my bookcase. Flat side needs to face the towers. I have a stucco house, so was very surprised to get about 30 stations very clear.

    2. Hi Dion – While placing your indoor antenna in a window facing local broadcast towers would be ideal, there are other options available if your TV is in another location. This scenario is ideal for the AirTV, which allows you to stream to your other streaming devices including the AirTV Player.

      Keep in mind that we also coordinate with professionals for outdoor antenna installations, for results that are more to your liking. If that sounds like something that would interest you, we invite you to check out for more information!

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog Team

  8. Thinking of buying a Black Box for 2 TVs, seldom used (guests). I have a flat indoor antenna that gets all the locals I need. I have a Roku on one and Firestick on another. I don’t plan on Sling. Why is there an “Airtv” app and a “Sling” app? Can the Airtv app be used on both devices with guide? Just looking for a decent ota guide, with optional DVR capability (I’d buy a 2t EHD). The two different apps is confusing, especially if I have no desire to add Sling. Your website lacks a good description of a non Sling user.

    1. Hi Tcat – We appreciate the feedback! The AirTV would allow you stream to both your Roku and Firestick.

      To answer your questions, guide information and DVR features are available solely through the Sling app. The reason being is that our products were developed to compliment Sling, however a Sling subscription is not necessary. A free guest account can be created through without spending any money. However, with a purchase of an AirTV you will receive a $25 credit toward a Sling subscription that can be used if you would like to try out Sling in the future. The AirTV app was developed for those platforms on which we do not have full integration for yet.

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog TEam

  9. Thanks for the info. I clicked your link to see what’s there, logged in, and now it says my Player is active. I have not purchased anything yet, and there was no option for the Black Box device. So if I buy one, is it active? Seemed kind of strange. Also, do you offer it for $99 very often?

  10. I purchased an AirTV box and was able to setup and watch local broadcast TV stations from an IPad. How can I use it to watch TV from a Windows PC?

      1. I tried the Win10 Sling App and it only prompts to purchase a subscription to sling. I cant find a way to choose AirTV.

      2. Having a Windows method is important to me because I only travel with my work Notebook PC. I don’t want to lug around an IPad just to watch TV while traveling. I’ve had a Slingbox for many years (now its old and the analog tuner is no longer supported by my cable provider so I replaced it with an AirTV and switched to antenna). After looking around on the AirTV site, I found a supported hardware table does not list Windows, so I may be out of luck. Sadly I will probably have to return the box.

    1. Hi Ron – At the moment, Windows is not a client platform that supports integration, but we are taking these customer requests seriously, and hope to have a compatible release in the future!

      The AirTV Blog Team

  11. I don’t own it yet, so I was guessing. I “thought” that Airtv integrated with selling, even without subscription. I assume that means all Sling apps work. I’m interested in the absence too.

  12. I have an antenna and I subscribe to Sling. In the Sling app, do I have the option to record a single episode of an OTA show (like Modern Family) and the option to record all new episodes (record the series)?

    Also, do the OTA recordings show up next to my cloud recordings in Sling app?

    1. Hi Kevin – First off when recording you will have the option whether to record all new episodes, all episodes in general or a single episode.

      Secondly, your recordings should appear in the My TV – Recordings section on the Sling app.

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog Team

    1. Hi Ray – The app does not need to be running once the recording has been set (applies to both live/timers).

      The AirTV Blog Team

  13. So what if you purchase two Air TV boxes, can they work in tandem to provide 4 tuners?

    1. Hey Michael – You would be able to use two boxes for the additional tuners, however they will not be able to work in tandem. In addition, you would need to use a separate login to setup the second device. If you are a Sling customer already, we would recommend creating a guest account (with a new email and password) through so you would not incur any additional charges. You would also need to switch between logins to view content/recordings from the respective device.

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog Team

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