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AirTV Blog January 31, 2019 • 2 minute read

Streaming, cable, satellite, OTA (Over-the-Air) – there are so many TV viewing choices available to consumers today that it can be daunting. So how do you decide which service is right for you? 

We’ve launched this blog to help answer the questions that come up most often about OTA, and help you get the most out your AirTV products. We’ll start by covering the basics of OTA, tips on getting started as a “cord cutter” or “cord shaver,” and how to achieve the best coverage with your current setup. Later, we will dive deeper into the mechanics of OTA and the pros/cons of all options. 

We’ll also keep you up to speed on the hottest TV shows available on OTA and provide recommendations on everything you will need for the best viewing experience. And if you have questions on how to access your local stations with AirTV or how to fix possible antenna interference, we have you covered as well.

We’re thrilled that you’ve landed here to learn more about AirTV and OTA, which is quickly on the rise in U.S. households. In fact, according to Nielsen’s TV panel, one in every seven homes are now considered “over-the-air”—up 48% from eight years ago.1 

Whether you are new to OTA or were an early adopter, you should learn something new, interesting, or relatable from our contributors. We also want to hear from you on the topics we should be covering on the AirTV blog, so please sign up below and share your ideas in the comments section.

Next up? Our blog post will deliver a 101 on what exactly is OTA TV and why it might be right for you. Stay tuned!

1The Nielsen Company, The Nielson Local Watch Report – Q2 2018. (2019), The Evolving Over-The-Air Home


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    1. Hi John – We continue to take customer feedback and prioritize it on our roadmap. We’ll share future updates on this blog. In the meantime, options for:
      – Watching on your mobile device: Android phones or tablets, and Apple phones or tablets
      – Watching on your Television set: Streaming media player like a Roku, a Fire TV stick, Roku OS enabled TVs, and Android OS enable TVs.

    2. +1 Vote for LG smart TV support (LGwebOS). Mobile device support is nice, but I have a large screen TV for a reason, and do not want to be restricted to a small screen to watch OTA on the AirTV

  1. My airtv often “stutters” when the scene transitions to screens with no motion and predominantly single colors. This is most common on commercials, where they flip the the logo/brand screen at the end. The audio will drop out and, occasionally, the video itself will pause.

    With normal motion on screen, everything is fine. The airtv and my roku are hardwired. Seems to be something in the transcoder.

    Overall the product works well. Just needs the ability to pause live tv, integrate the local channels into search results, improve DVR options and fix the above glitch and it would be ideal.

    1. Hi Kyle – Thank you for reaching out!

      Regarding Pausing Live TV: You can pause Live TV as long as you are recording that content. Remember that you’ll need an external hard drive, up to 2 Terabytes. DVR is 100% free with AirTV. The Sling App is needed to use DVR functionality and does not require a subscription.

      Regarding the “stutters” issue: This definitely sounds frustrating. We spoke with our team of experts, and it is extremely unusual. We haven’t received many calls with similar symptoms. We’d love to connect with you to try to figure out whether this issue is happening with live content, DVR content, both or some other circumstances. Please feel free to connect with us via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myAirTV/ or at 1-866-974-1354 Phone support is available 7:30 AM – 10 PM MT (7 days a week).

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog Team

    1. Hi Pam,

      We can absolutely help. Adding that second TV requires one of the following: You need an Android OS enabled TV, Roku OS enabled TV, or a Roku or FireTV streaming media player.

      We can also guide you over the phone. Our customer service agents can be reached at 1-866-974-1354 from 7:30 AM – 10 PM MT (7 days a week). We look forward to speaking with you!

  2. Are you looking at adding pause and rewind live tv without having to initiate recording? This would be an awesome feature!

  3. Hi again, I wrote recently to inquire as to why the SlingTV app on my samsung smart tv couldn’t be used with AirTV. I did receive a (standard) reply, thank you, but I now find yet another restriction. I can use the SlingTV app on my iphone to cast to my tv via Chromecast, however not any of the content from my AirTV??? I’m suffering a bit of buyers remorse I’m afraid as I thought that AirTV was a device that could make OTA connection to my TV’s easy by eliminating the need to physically connect a cable from the antenna to each set. Add Chromcast to the list of common streaming equipment not supported by AirTV. This is looking more and more like a small screen only streaming device. Samsung and LG smart TV’s, Apple TV, Chromecast are all considered common to the streaming community.

    1. Hi Mike – we definitely take your feedback and add it to our roadmapping. AirTV Player has chromecast built in, but only offers a 1-to-1 relationship with a television set. AirTV (Classic Black Box) can stream to multiple devices in the following specific categories – this is an important piece we try to stress, as we expand options for customers:

      Watching on a TV: You need an Android OS enabled TV, Roku OS enabled TV, AirTV player. or a Roku (Roku stick or players) or FireTV (stick or players) streaming media player,
      Watching on mobile or tablets: Android or iOS (Apple)

      For more compatibility information, please visit:

  4. Are there any plans to add more tuners to the AirTV? I am coming from Tivo devices which have 4 and 6 tuners. Thanks! P.S. I be glad to be a beta tester. 🙂

    1. Hi Mike!

      we appreciate the feedback and have shared your feature request with our product team. While we can’t share much else at this present time, we encourage you to stay tuned to this blog for more exciting future AirTV news and software releases.

      Thank you,
      The AirTV Blog Team

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